Electrical Energy Consumption Down average of 13%!

Posted on November 8, 2013 · Posted in News & Events

One of our major clients based in Cork has achieved great savings over the last five years.
See the results.

Savings 10

Through further development of the trend energy monitoring and targeting system for metering of Significant Energy Users, they were able to identify two main areas for improvement, Lighting and HVAC.

Some key improvements included:

Operational Control of the HVAC included optimising both operating settings as well as schedules

  • Implementation of CO2 monitoring to regulate supply to various locations around the premises depending on the volume of CO2 (i.e. people) at any given time.
  • Training of key personnel on BMS System
  • Commissioning of VSD motors and reduction of fan speeds across all AHU’s
  • Upgrade of Chilled water system controls to minimum requirement of 20%
  • CHW System switched off for Winter period
  • Boilers switched off for Summer period
  • Optimisation of all AHU schedules to minimum requirements
  • Installation of full lighting control from the BMS System

Lighting is also a significant energy user and has been upgraded as follows:

  • Motion Sensors to low occupancy areas
  • Lux Sensors to appropriate lighting systems
  • Commissioning of lighting control on the BMS
  • Optimisation of lighting schedules (internal and external)
  • Optimisation of maintenance to improve efficient operation of equipment